New UFODAS Software Releases

UFODAS OTDAU optical tracking software has been revised to Version 1.07.

The new version now includes a new Feature Tracking method as an optional alternative to the original means of acquiring and tracking a target. The new method detects a set of particular features in the target image and uses that to distinguish the target in all subsequent video frames. The Auxiliary Video Display may be used to view how either method detects changes to camera frame data.

OTDAU also now includes the ability to collect all pan-tilt-zoom values during a tracking sequence and save them to a standard csv file, compatible with Excel, for later motion analysis.

This version also includes the following changes:

  • 1. Corrected bugs in communications to MC 2.
  • Corrected Pan/Tilt offsets and added Az/El offsets
  • 3. Improved speed of communication with MC
  • 4. Added PTZ data collection to a named file in .csv format for Excel plotting
  • 5. Debugged jpg image file writing
  • 6. Added more sophisticated object feature tracking algorithm option
  • 7. Removed ‘Contours’ display selection and added ‘Tracking’
  • 8. Changed recording selection for contours to tracking status
  • 9. Debugged and verified all combinations of recording selections
  • 10. Renamed “Tracks” aux video selection to “Path”
  • 11. Improved method of zoom compensation for initial target acquisition
  • 12. Debugged tracking methods

A new version of the Mission Control software was also released as Version 1.02 for various bug fixes.

The new versions are available to licence holders for download via SendOwl.

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